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Thank you for visiting Countryside Equine Medicine & Dentistry! We exist to provide the latest in medical and dental services to the horses of the greater Savannah, GA region. I'd like to take a moment and share the Core Values we’ve developed for CEMD:


1) People Matter - The clients of CEMD shall be shown respect, honesty, transparency, and compassion in all interactions. The ongoing, long-term relationships between CEMD and its clients are of paramount importance. New clients will always be welcome, but never at the expense of clients with which I have established an ongoing partnership.


2) Equine Welfare - Regardless of use and lifestyle, the horses under CEMD’s care will be treated with their welfare and quality of life as the foremost concern.


3) Ethical, Evidence-Based Medicine - CEMD will offer up-to-date, scientifically-based medical care. The scientific evidence for all proposed treatments will be clearly explained. Complete transparency regarding cost, duration of treatment, and prognosis will be provided to the clients of CEMD.

As a small business, CEMD appreciates your understanding in requiring payment at the time of service - cash, checks (with pre-approval), and credit card accepted. Thank you very much.

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